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Transtech Innovations

About Transtech Innovations

Transtech Innovations offers a variety of durable products for the transit industry.

Founded in 1994, Transtech Innovations is a recognized designer of electronic devices for the public transit industry and other types of land vehicles. Its main products, both standardized and customized, include the design of control boxes, voltage regulators and monitoring devices. Transtech's designs are recognized as durable, high quality, energy efficient and in line with market trends.


Why Choose Transtech Innovations?

Creative Engineering

Our electronic devices in service on ground transportation vehicles are the result of creative engineering to adapt to the specific needs of each industry.

One-Stop Design and Manufacturing

Transtech Innovations takes care of both the design and the manufacturing of the products, according to the client's specificities.

Fast Delivery

Thanks to its reliable suppliers, responsible employees and efficient methods, Transtech can deliver its products in a short period of time.

Highest Quality and Reliability

All Transtech products are subjected to rigorous testing before being put on the market, thus guaranteeing their reliability in hostile environments.

Long-Standing Experience

Transtech Innovations has been designing electronic devices and control modules for the transportation industry since 1994.

Universal Standards

Our custom designs allow us to develop products that meet a variety of requirements on an international scale.


The company continues its commitment to innovation. Our customers' sophisticated and complex demands drive us to constantly innovate. Whether in the development of new products or in the improvement of existing technologies, our creative genius is constantly at the service of our clients.

Speed of Completion

Transtech Innovations distinguishes itself by its agility in in the execution of its mandates. To this end, we focus on reducing the time to market for our products. To eliminate the risks associated with delays, we conduct parallel testing, apply agile methods and rely on relevant documentation.


The success of Transtech Innovations is based on numerous technological innovations, its extensive experience in international markets and its ability to set directions. In fact, its products have been used and recognized for more than 25 years in the transportation industry.

Service-Proven Products


Our Clients

Train manufacturers
System manufacturers
Ambulance manufacturers
Passenger vehicle manufacturer