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Our Mission & Core Values

Our Mission

Established in 1994, Transtech Innovations continues its growth trajectory, based on the enlightened vision of its founding president.

As a leader in the design of custom electronic products, our mission is to promote the development of innovative solutions and have a positive influence on customer choice. Transtech products have been used and recognized for over 25 years in the public transit and other ground transportation industries.

We deliver dynamic solutions at the cutting edge of technology and on the lookout for new trends. We focus on the development of customized, sustainable, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and industry-standard products at competitive prices.

Our mission guides our daily activities and reminds us that the efforts we make in the search for adapted solutions are the driving force behind our innovative ideas.

Our Values

Here at Transtech Innovations, we are driven by values that guide our decisions. They reflect who we are and what we stand for as a company.

Customer Engagement

We have always considered our customers to be at the heart of our business. We are committed to delivering a superior quality product that meets their expectations, within the prescribed time frame. We develop strong relationships with them that make a marked difference in our approach to earning and maintaining their trust.


Our team of highly qualified professionals brings its experience and know-how to the service of our clients. We strive to provide flawless products and services that add value to our customers. The company is ISO9001-2015 certified and we strongly believe in our quality system.


We adhere to high standards of work ethics in all our dealings with our clients, suppliers and employees. We have built our reputation on the respect and integrity of each and every one of our employees. A culture based on integrity is essential to the realization of our projects.

Team Spirit

The Transtech team works in a healthy and harmonious manner by focusing its actions towards a common goal. Our success is due in large part to a strong team spirit and effective collaboration on the part of each team member. A serene work atmosphere fosters employee motivation and confidence.


Listening to and respecting everyone is a sound practice at Transtech Innovations. Both within our company and in our relationships with clients, we cultivate trust and respect in all its forms. The company's management and all employees share the responsibility of helping to maintain a positive and respectful work atmosphere.

Community-Based Enterprise

By assuming our social responsibility, the company wins at all levels. It becomes a better employer, shows better results and contributes to the well-being of the community. This behaviour encourages employees to demonstrate their commitment to the community and focus on constructive initiatives.

A Will to Succeed

Transtech Innovations and its team are driven by the will to succeed. We maintain a high level of motivation to reach our goals and face the pitfalls encountered along the way. Achieving and appreciating success is our leitmotiv!

A Culture of Accountability

The company favours an approach that encourages employee accountability and commitment. By setting clear objectives, having realistic expectations and valuing a job well done, everyone is responsible for meeting their commitments.