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Quality Assessment

Transtech Innovations is ISO 9001-2015 certified for all of its internal processes, including our product development and production processes.

Our internal processes are strongly inspired by the IRIS standard.

Quality is at the heart of our values. All of our products are tested, without exception.

We are able to meet the requirements of the US government and its Department of Transportation, including W.B.E. (“Women Business Enterprise”), D.B.E. (“Disadvantaged Business Enterprise”) and Buy America Act (BAA). Transtech Innovations conforms to the local production of equipment to meet the requirements that may be required for specific projects in the United States.

Test phase

The durability of Transtech Innovations’ products is essential. In order to ensure the quality and durability of its products, Transtech Innovations subjects its products to qualification and routine tests.

Product design

Qualification tests are carried out during development and at the end of development for each product. A series of suitable environmental tests are carried out in order to comply with industry standards: climatic chamber tests, shock and vibration tests, EMI test, EMC test, thermal test, fire and smoke test, test for resistance to chemical elements , waterproof and dustproof test.

Routine tests of each unit produced

Each unit produced is also tested according to tests established by engineering. A test report is kept in an archive for each unit, in order to ensure traceability.

Thanks to creative engineering and a rigorous development process, Transtech Innovations is proud to offer a one-stop shop for electronic products dedicated to the ground transportation industry.